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The ARISS Curtain controller is a retrofit device that allows the control of various single-phase, AC-powered devices such as roller blinds, awnings, Venetian blinds, gates and more. through a simple and easy-to-use APP or a manual switch. It is a true residential IoT product that can be upgraded over the air and it is modularly upgradeable. The product has been designed by industry experts with over a decade of experience and has been built from the ground up. The device also features an RF circuit, allowing it to be paired with an RF 433 remote for remote control operation. Additionally, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control and can also be controlled with a regular switch toggle or bell switch.


Unlock Endless Possibilities at Your Fingertips

The ARISS Dimmer simplifies lighting control. No special wiring is needed. Soft start function. The memory of the last setting, APP and Voice Control, has a 5-year warranty. Smart pairing for easy setup. Compatible with Bell switches. Elevate your lighting experience with the ARISS Triac Dimmer

5 Years Warranty
APP & Voice Control
Wi-Fi IoT Solution
Regular Switches
Status Memory

Effortless Automation for Perfect Mornings

Experience the ultimate convenience of scheduled curtain opening with our smart automation system. Start your mornings off perfectly by setting your curtains to open automatically at your desired time, letting in natural sunlight and energizing your space. With this seamless scheduling feature, you can enjoy a hassle-free way to brighten up your day and create an uplifting ambience in your home. Embrace the future of smart living with automated curtain control and make every morning a delightful experience.

Precise Openings Guaranteed

Experience hassle-free curtain control with our perfect motor calibration. Our smart system accurately measures your window's span, ensuring that when you command the motor to open to a specific percentage, it stops exactly at that point. Enjoy precise curtain openings with ease, bringing convenience and style to your space.

Voice Enablement

Elevate your home with Alexa-controlled motorized curtains. Effortlessly manage natural light and privacy through voice commands, blending convenience with modern luxury for your living spaces.


Compact Size, Fix Anywhere!

The Ariss Curtain Controller is so small and convenient that you can fix it anywhere you want! You can easily place it alongside the curtain motor in the pelmet or even inside the switchboard. It's like magic! With its tiny size, you can control your curtains smartly and make your room super cool!

Module Near Motor

Module Inside Switch Board

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Discover the simplicity of installing and setting up the ARISS Curtain Controller. Whether you prefer a do-it-yourself approach or need some help, our user-friendly design guarantees a seamless and hassle-free installation experience.

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